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How to live a multi-passionate life as an entrepreneur?

Key takeaways from my feature on last month's "Babe Talk"

Recently, I was featured on a virtual talk with Babe Crafted community about how to lead a multi-passionate life as an entrepreneur. I shared insights on navigating multiple passions while still building a successful career. The discussion was filled lots of nuggets of wisdom and practical advice, and I wanted to compile the key takeaways from this engaging session here for you!

1. Embrace Your Passions:

- Spend some time reflecting on a regular basis so you can uncover what you are passionate about. Remember that you don't have to limit yourself to just one passion. And your passions can change over time!

2. Goal Setting:

- Get down to the nitty gritty. Setting specific, achievable goals is essential for staying motivated and making progress. It's about making a little progress every day.

3. Time Management:

- I often stress the importance of time blocking and prioritizing tasks. If it's not on your calendar, it doesn't exist. That means that if you really value something, if you are really committed to something, you'll make time for it!

- Claiming your time and energy is crucial. If you don't, someone else might dictate how you spend it. There is so much in this life we cannot control, but we can always control our actions and how we spend our time!

4. Overcoming Pressure and Guilt:

- One participant asked how to overcome the pressure and guilt associated with pursuing multiple passions. This is a common feeling, especially for women in our society. We often put ourselves, and let others put us, in a box. But I have found that once I embraced my authentic self, the path became clearer. When you have clarity of purpose, it's easier to move past the feelings of guilt. Let's remember the importance of self-compassion and reminding yourself that you can't do it all and that's okay. Again, it's about making small, daily progress. Not perfection.

5. Overlapping Passions:

- There is always one common thread with our passions - it's us! You are at the heart of your business, your life, your personal brand. Look to find ways where your passions intersect. I have found that my real estate clients showed interest in my book and podcast, and were just as excited as I was about them.

- It's not always about separating your interests; sometimes, they can bring synergy in your life in unexpected ways.

6: In summary:

Navigating multiple passions can be a fulfilling journey, but it requires dedication, time management, and a supportive community. Success never happens in a vacuum. Be sure to bring alongside the right accountability partners and resources to help you get where you want to go. With commitment, discipline and a positive mindset, you can pursue your passions, no matter how diverse they may be. Remember, it's all about finding the balance and living a life true to your dreams, not anyone else's.

Listen or watch the full conversation on my Be Your Own Hero Podcast or YouTube channel.

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