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St. Petersburg Communities

That's what we were made for. There is no greater feeling than when you are a part of something bigger than yourself. St Petersburg, Florida is a thriving city with a vibrant culture. From the downtown arts and foodie scene, to our beautiful beaches, there is no shortage of things to do there! What makes all of this so much more enjoyable is having a place you can call home and a neighborhood that provides the true community for which you long. 


The Pink Streets

Yes, the streets are actually pink. Why, you might ask? Back in the 1920s, a man named George Cook had a vision of developing an upscale neighborhood and thought that painting the streets pink would distinguish Pinellas Point from all the other developments in the area. He wanted the neighborhood to be grand and his plans were as such. Original plans show that Cook wanted to extend the Point further out into the bay where canals and more houses would have been built, similar to the way Venetian Isles appears today. The streets were intentionally curved so that from an aerial view, they would form the shape of a skull when the extension into the bay was built. Unfortunately, his full plan never came to fruition and the extra water frontage was never built. Over time, the lots were sold and home were built in a full range of shapes and sizes. If you look at an aerial shot, you can still see a glimpse of what the skull would have looked like. But one thing never changed. The residents cherish the pink streets and they have fought to preserve them. It's one of the few neighborhoods in St Pete that features lush landscape and canopies of oak trees as you drive down the curvy streets. It truly is a hidden gem in the middle of a thriving city.

Greater Pinellas Point

The Pinellas Point Community is considered to be comprised of 3 distinct neighborhoods: Pinellas Point (affectionately known as the Pink Streets,) Greater Pinellas Point, and Bahama Shores. , all located south of 54th Ave S, from the bay to the intracoastal waterway. Situated along Tampa Bay, spectacular water and sunset views are all yours for the taking. There is also plenty of green space and sidewalk to walk the dog or ride a bike, not to mention easy access to put your boat or kayak in the water. One of the best parts about living in Pinellas Point is catching the sunrise or sunset glowing with the picturesque background of the Skyway Bridge. If you are seeking serenity, this community is ideal, offering quiet suburbia and a lifestyle focused on the surrounding nature, walking, biking and aquatic activities. Amazingly, you can enjoy all this while being ten minutes away from Downtown St Pete and St Pete Beach!


Bahama Shores

Bahama Shores is a beautiful waterfront community East of 4th St on Tampa Bay. Driving along those beautiful brick streets gives you that nostalgic, old Florida feeling. This community was developed in the 1940s and originally the Bahama Shores Hotel & Yacht Club graced the shoreline. The hotel has since become a 55+ active adult community called Westminster Shores. Anyone that lives in the Bahama Shores neighborhood has access to a beautiful waterfront park where you can sit and soak up the sun or cast your fishing line into the bay! You are also a short walk or bike ride away from Bay Vista Park!

Venetian Isles 

Venetian Isles is in reality a collection of manmade islands, all of which are easily accessed by bridges. It’s also known for its deepwater canals. Boats of pretty much any size have the clearance they need to make it in and out of their slips and into a boater’s paradise, Tampa Bay and beyond, the Gulf of Mexico. Venetian Isles’ 500+ homes are very competitively priced and values abound. A majority of the homes, most of which were built in the mid-60’s, have undergone extensive renovations, and the Venetian Isles Homeowners Association ensures that remodeling is done in accordance with its goal of preserving the unique character of the community. And they’ve been very successful.


Historic Old Northeast

The historic Old Northeast district abuts downtown, and claims nearly 3,000 historic buildings within its boundaries. It also has a pleasant shopping district, restaurants and a number of city landmarks. Housing is a mix of Mediterranean and bungalow styles in a lushly green setting rife with jacarandas, pines, palms, and magnolias. Brick streets and granite curbs add to the charm of the area, which also includes North Shore Park to the east, with its swimming, biking, walking, and playing areas as well as a pretty white sand beach. The area also borders Coffee Pot Bay, famous for its resident manatees. The Gizella Kopsick Palm Arboretum is another bucolic addition to the community. The Palladium Theater presents eclectic performances in a former church also in the area. The St. Petersburg transit system provides bus service through the neighborhood, and the busy urban nightlife of downtown is just minutes away.

Crescent Lake 

As one of the traditional neighborhoods in St. Petersburg, Crescent Lake has a diversity of architectural styles tracing back to the 1920’s.    Take a step back in time and enjoy the diversity of our architectural character.  Among the architectural styles, you will find Craftsman, Postwar, Ranch, Minimal Traditional, Tudor, Spanish Eclectic, and Dutch Colonial. Thanks to the size and location of Crescent Lake Park, our area is able to stay  pedestrian friendly as St. Petersburg continues to grow.  Leave your car keys at home and enjoy the natural beauty of our neighborhood with its mature landscapes.  Whether you take a walk to the park, a restaurant, your local tavern, or ice cream shop, you will fall in love again with the charm of Crescent Lake. The neighborhood is blessed by the presence of Crescent Lake, a 20.7 acre natural lake and a 52.5 acre public park.  Geese, ducks, limpkins, herons, storks, pelicans, anhingas, and many more birds visit and live in our park!  We have had a family of otters in our lake.  A pandemonium of monk parrots have been living around our water tower.  This is paradise for nature lovers.


Snell Isle 

Little did C. Perry Snell know in 1925 when he began developing the Snell Isle community that it would become one of the most desirable waterfront neighborhoods in the greater Tampa-St. Petersburg area. Today, a memorial stands in Snell Isle Park honoring his foresight, the European and Spanish architectural styles he introduced and the peaceful environment he created. 

Many of today’s homes date back to the 1920’s, some remodeled over the years, others exactly as they were originally constructed. In recent years, original houses, many directly on the waterfront, have been replaced by large, luxury homes priced in the millions. Despite the changes over the years, Snell Isles continues to offer buyers a wide spectrum of styles and price
ranges, all within a five-minute drive to downtown St. Petersburg’s distinctive shopping, community parks and a vibrant arts and entertainment scene. 
Snell Isle is home to two churches, two schools and a thriving shopping center on Snell Isle Boulevard. The site of today’s St. Petersburg Women’s Club was donated by Snell in 1928 and continues to be an active community organization dedicated to preserving the character of the area. The Snell Isle Marina is a very active center for boaters and a popular destination for west coast Florida cruisers. In short, Snell Isle, especially the Brightwaters Blvd. area, maintains its reputation as one of Pinellas County’s most desirable neighborhoods.

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