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Are you ready to be transported to a world of magic & adventure

A direction-less wizard with new powers he can’t control. A brave human girl who doesn’t know what she got herself into. When their paths cross, the world will never be the same…if it can survive what’s coming. 


Lion of Fire is the first book in the New Adult Fantasy Series, Riley Jordan & The Fire Prophecies, online and in stores now! 

Have you ever wondered what kind of wizard you are? Take this short interactive quiz to find out!

3d render of riley jordan and the fire prophencies:lion of fire

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Available in paperback or ebook.

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Available in ebook.

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Local to Florida? Check out these local booksellers below! 

Book + Bottle - St Pete, FL

Tombolo Books - St Pete, FL
The Merchant - St Pete, FL
The Gilded Page - Tarpon Springs, FL
Mojo Book & Records - Tampa, FL

Sarasota Books - Sarasota, FL

Midtown Reader - Tallahassee, FL

If you live in Alabama:

Page & Palette - Fairhope, Alabama

If you live in New York City (request to order):

Astoria Bookshop - Astoria

Greenlight Bookstore - Brooklyn

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Author Bio

headshot image of author Brittany Ranew

Brittany Ranew has been involved in the creative arts her whole life. After building a successful real estate business in St. Petersburg, Florida, including a local following with her Podcast and YouTube channel, she took the leap of faith into the realm of her wildest dreams – becoming a published author. But this isn't just any authorship journey; it's a quest for destiny and self-discovery. As she weaves the tapestry of her debut fantasy series, she finds herself mirroring the very essence of her cherished character, Riley Jordan. Together, they explore uncharted realms, face formidable adversaries, and uncover secrets that will change their lives. Join Brittany on a magical adventure where the whisper of destiny echoes in every word–a journey that may unlock the hidden powers within yourself. Your true destiny awaits.

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