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Being Kind To Yourself

Have you ever noticed that we often speak harshly to ourselves in a way we would never speak to others? I have recently been reading (listening) to a book by Lewis Howes, called The Greatness Mindset and the last chapter I read discussed how we do this with ourselves. He even recommended practicing looking in a mirror and using your name in third person to help break out of that negative loop and encourage yourself instead! Honestly, I have used this tactic before. I have found that the more we become aware of our negative thought patterns, the quicker we are to stop those dead in their tracks and flip the language to something more positive. I can attest to practicing this in my own life and seeing miraculous results in reprogramming my brain. I promise you can do it too! Awareness is the first step to changing our mindset and negative thought patterns.

In this brief video, I take a deeper dive into this topic and what I've learned from Lewis Howes' book:

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