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Discipline: Taking Small, Daily Action.

When you are running a business, a lot of talk this time of year is "how to finish strong" and preparing for next year...wanting to make sure you are carrying momentum into the new year. This is an awesome focus, to be sure. But I always want to be careful to not just get motivated for a day or maybe a week when I hear these messages. Instead I want to make sure I'm taking action.

Recently, I was able to attend a company event and also an additional webinar focusing on this very topic. I'm super grateful to have these amazing resources and fantastic leadership in my life to hold me accountability. But when I attend these events, there is always the same thought that creeps up in the back of my mind. You've probably heard it. It's that tried and true stat you always hear about how such a small percentage of people that attend events meant to motivate them actually take action afterwards and implement the learning they received at said event. I don't know about you, but every time I hear that or think about that stat it scares the bejesus out of me. I don't want to be lost in the sea of sameness. I want to be among that small percentage that take action. I don't want to waste the knowledge that's been imparted on me by others that have reached the heights I want to soar to. Needless to say, I don't do this perfectly, but wherever awareness is, growth blossoms.

Wherever awareness is, growth blossoms.

Have you thought about this? The fact that so many people get motivated, but don't take it any farther? Again, awareness is the first step. Do you know what the next one is? Action! More specifically, put that next all important task in your calendar. If it's not in your calendar, it doesn't exist. Maybe you have a handful of tasks you think are important. Prioritize them. Prioritization has been a growth area for me and I'm still working on it. You can't do all of the things at once because your focus will be divided. Multi-tasking is NOT a thing. Your brain cannot focus on more than one task at a time and you've probably already heard of the phrase "task-switching." That's what we end up doing even though we think we are "multi-tasking." Go Google it. You'll see what I mean. So if you want to maximize focus and energy around something, set aside dedicated time in your calendar to tackle that ONE thing. Then do the same for all the important tasks. There is a quote I love from a great real estate teacher: What you focus on expands! Think about what that really means. Our non-conscious brains are programmed to believe whatever we tell it. The good news is that we can change that story. And we are feeding our brains the right message, magic starts to happen. Yeah go Google that too. There is so much cool science behind how our brains work.

What you focus on expands! - Larry Kendall

Don't worry, I'm preaching to the choir over here, haha! It all comes down to discipline. We need discipline, or personal responsibility in our lives to keep striving towards the goals we want to achieve. And a positive and abundant mindset helps too!

What are your most important focuses for the rest of the year? Shoot me a DM on instagram. I want to know! Maybe we can help keep each other stay accountable and disciplined. We always get farther together.


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