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Community in Times of Grief

Why is community so important to us? It seems it's baked into the fabric of our being. I would argue there is no other time we see that more than when dealing with adversity. Hurricane Ian did just that.

If you know me, you know my philosophy in life is to always look for the positive, even in the negative situations in my life. I have tried to do that with the last week's crazy turn of events. Seeing how we've all supported each other during this tough time is definitely a bright spot. But I gotta say, I've been dealing with survivor's guilt. I've talked to many people who have felt the same way. When our area gets lucky with a storm, that just means someone else is unlucky. It's hard to look at the footage of the damage all around us and not feel an odd mixture of relief and sadness.

The best way to deal with these emotions is to dive in and help the best way we can. Whether that's your time, your money or other resources, there is definitely a way to pitch in. That's what communities do. They rally around each other in times of need. This is when we see the best of humanity shine through. We are #FloridaStrong.

If you are looking for ways to help, here are a few you might like:

Donate online to the Florida Disaster Fund by visiting their website or simply texting DISASTER to 20222.

Looking to volunteer your time? Visit Volunteer Connect with Volunteer Florida for Hurricane Ian volunteer opportunities.

Pets need our help too! American Humane Society helps animals in need of rescue, shelter or other services during times like hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Learn more on their website.

Want to help families directly? GoFundMe has organized thousands of verified campaigns for local Florida families and businesses in need.

Learn more on their website.


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