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Brittany Ranew

Realtor | Author |Podcaster

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Meet Brittany Ranew

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As a Realtor, Author & Podcast Host, Brittany Ranew believes in immersing herself in the culture where she lives and works to help others thrive in the Sunshine City. She believes it’s not simply about buying or selling a home, but about building community. 

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"Brittany is the best! I recommend her to all of my friends in the housing search. She’s honest, reliable, neutral, easy going and PROFESSIONAL. I never once felt pressured in any way to buy and Brittany was very in tune with what I was looking for. She’s the best!"

Kelsey N.


"Brittany was very transparent and consistent during the home buying process. She did all the leg work and made it extremely convenient and stress free. She walked me through the process and made sure I was fully educated on the market prior to making an offer. I felt confident making multiple offers and we finally secured a house that satisfied all my needs. It was a true pleasure working with her. I highly recommend working with her if your looking to buy or sell in the Tampa Bay area."

Noah B.


"If you're in search of an experienced and knowledgeable real estate professional, save yourself both time and trouble and partner with Brittany Ranew. Brittany effectively guided me through a long and complicated relocation process and ensured all boxes were checked according to my needs. I simply cannot say enough great things about Brittany and can happily recommend her!"

Lauren L. 


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