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Nicole Lynn Interiors: Creating Beautiful Liveable Spaces


Picture this, you’ve bought your first home and it’s a fixer upper. You have somewhat of a vision in mind, but aren’t sure how that’s going to happen between work, family schedules and weekend renovation projects. What did I get myself into may come to mind! Or imagine this, you have the opportunity to start fresh with a new home build. The builder is asking you where you want windows, walls and cabinet knobs. You are overwhelmed with choices and afraid to make a mistake. In either scenario, you are investing your precious time and money creating a space that you want to feel like feel like your home. How do you protect that investment, ensure the final result looks beautiful and functions as you need it to? You hire an interior designer!

Don’t know any interior designers? No worries, allow me to introduce my good friend Nicole, of Nicole Lynn Interiors.

Meet Nicole

Nicole grew up in a small town of Michigan where her graduating high school class was about 90 people. Sick of the cold weather and ready for a new adventure, she spent time studying abroad in Australia during university. This experience opened up her mind to new perspectives, opportunities and ways of living. The adventure didn’t end there and after graduating Nicole worked as an Au Pair in Norway for a year! When she returned from those experiences, she knew that the warm weather lifestyle was calling her name. That brought her to Naples, Florida. She began her career in Talent Acquisition and met her now husband. After a while, his work took them to Denver, Colorado.

During that time they bought their first home together, which was a 1954 fixer upper. While others had reactions such as - uuuufff, that’s a lot of work, people are always coming in and out of your house. Things are a mess! Are you sure? Her reaction was actually quite the opposite, she LOVED the process. She thought it was fun and enjoyed the process as much as the comfort of the final result. When friends and family started asking for her advice, she realized she found her passion and wanted to incorporate interior design in her life.

The Journey of Nicole Lynn Interiors

As momentum was building, Nicole decided to pursue a formalized education around her passion. She enrolled in the Interior Design program at the New York Institute of Art and Design and completed the curriculum during her cold Denver winter nights and weekends. In time, they were ready to relocate back to the warm weather and St. Petersburg, Florida was calling their name. It wasn’t only where they got married, but they realized it had everything they were looking for unlike any other area in Florida. They wanted Denver vibes, but warm weather, with lots of small businesses, cool restaurants, great breweries and genuine people.

Nicole and her husband had the opportunity to build a new home here in St. Pete and Nicole dove right in. She worked hand in hand with the builder to create and design their perfect home. After formally relocating, Nicole Lynn Designs was born. She took on side projects and continued to enjoy helping people create spaces they loved. As the side business grew more serious, it was the right time to jump in full time and move on from her corporate career.

Working with Nicole

Nicole’s signature style is relaxed, contemporary, coastal and functional. She finds inspiration from her travels, the beach, nature and local neighborhood walks. By truly working hand and hand with her clients, her goal is to deliver beautiful spaces that you come back to and feel like it reflects who you are.

Nicole offers two services so everyone has the opportunity to have a beautifully crafted home:

New Build If you need a full function service, Nicole will work with you from the beginning to find out what your style is and bring it to life. She’ll get to know how you are going to use the space so it functions just as well as it looks. In phase one, she’ll work with the builder from the beginning to handle all of the exterior and interior foundational choices. Remember all those decisions I mentioned early: Where will the windows go? How will the exterior look? Where will the cabinets and knobs go? Talk about decision fatigue! She’ll create renderings for you so you can visualize the final result and guide you through it all. Then during phase two, you’ll work together on the furnishings and design details.

Digital Design Maybe you are transitioning spaces, building a nursery, or sprucing up an office. With her digital design service you can work directly with an interior designer to bring your vision to life and remove the fear of making wrong choices as you DIY a few things.

Nicole helped me design my home office and I love it! It truly is a representation of a functional space that is also inspiring and a reflection of who I am!

The Future of Nicole Lynn Interiors

As her business continues to grow Nicole is focusing on giving her clients the best service she can. This includes taking the time to build solid foundational processes to communicate, show visual mockups, gather inspiration boards and deliver results. By creating top level processes and procedures she’ll be able to grow from a solopreneur to a small team. She always wants to stay closely connected to her clients and each piece of the design process. Her dream is to also have a storefront in St. Pete where she can sell her curated collections.

Visit Nicole Lynn Interior’s website to see some of her inspiring results, get a few design tips and send her a message! You can also follow her boards on Pinterest or on Instagram. If you are a fan of dogs, specifically cute doxie’s, you’ll want to give her a follow.

Listen to our full conversation on my podcast St. Pete Soul that goes into more detail about her favorite places in St. Pete and how she even helped me get over the fear of choosing the wrong paint color for the exterior of my house!



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